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Young Sixx is a talented rap artist from California.

His musical journey started in Europe, saying “I started from a feestyle battle in a Club in Germany. I used to write lyrics in high school but my first musical experience was from working with an independent label overseas who took me in as an artist, and being around them, I started to develop my craft and the passion was discovered”.

And with that Young Sixx immediately got on his grind and started recording, networking and performing. Sixx has droped numerous mixtapes, singles and videos and has performed in Germany, Malaysia, Slovakia and Dubai with the likes of 50 Cent, Cassidy and Fabulous.

Young Sixx has a very particular career highlight thus far. “My performance in Africa was the best. Very informative and educational to see the culture and not to stereotype and be blinded by the media. The love they gave me was like no other… just inspirational.”

Young Sixx is still on his grind and constantly in the studio turning out new material and continues to travel the globe performing for his fans and starting his own record label named I.A.R. Entertainment and a new movement called Eurolife. Everyday Sixx breaks cultural barriers through his music, truly making him a rare breed of artist and something he revels in: “I love how music is the universal language and a passport to the world because of music I have travelled the world. With music you can communicate to anyone.”

Sixx remains grounded and knows why he hustles so hard. “My goals in life are to be successful but before anything a good father and present my son with opportunities I never knew existed.”

Young Sixx is clearly on his way to being the next global Hip-Hop Star.

Musikvideo Releases

2013 Kraftwerk Freestyle-Legend

2013 I Get It

2013 Recipe For Regrets

2015 Go Crazy

Young Sixx - Go Crazy

Young Sixx - I get It

Young Sixx - The Way I Love You

Young Sixx - Kraftwerk Freestyle-Legend

Young Sixx - Recipe For Regrets


Young Sixx

Young Sixx

Rap Artist

Berufsfeld: Rap Artist


Geburtsort: California

Nationalität: USA

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